Create a Pixel Plow Account



The giant button above leads to our account creation page where you can enter your contact and payment info. We charge a non-refundable $10 to your credit card, since that is the only way to verify the credit card information entered. $10 is automatically added as a credit back to your account, and the full amount will be applied to any future render job invoices. You are required to use the billing address of your credit card when signing up for an account with us.


After you pay the signup fee, look for an email from Pixel Plow Support with a download link and your unique agent identifier (our system sends this info automatically and immediately, so if you don’t see it quickly, take a look at your spam folder).

Render Endlessly

Once you have everything installed (or even before – we cover the install process too), take a look at the instructions in our Support Portal so you can get the most out of Pixel Plow’s online render farm service.