Windows Agent Installation

To download and install the Windows agent, please click the link provided in the welcome email sent to you when you signed up. This will download a .zip file of the agent. Extract the contents of that .zip file. You may locate that folder wherever you wish on your system, but we suggest something in the C:Program Files (x86)… path, like C:Program Files (x86)Pixel Plow Agent. After you’ve extracted the agent and placed the agent install folder where you want it to reside on your system, double-click the “Pixel Plow Agent.exe” file inside that folder.

The next installer step is important , as it asks you where you’d like to store the output from your rendered jobs. This location may be anywhere on your local drives, so please choose wisely. Job-specific folders will be automatically created in the output directory you specify, and generally nothing should be written to the root of the output directory by our software. Keep in mind, you may choose a job-specific output directory when submitting each job. We just need a default output directory in case your job-specific directory is invalid or offline at the time of frame delivery.

The last step of the installer asks you to input your agent GUID. Please copy and paste this from the welcome email you received, as it’s a rather long string of characters. If all goes well, you should see a systray icon with the Pixel Plow logo as its image, along with an application window showing the agent Home tab. Checking “Run at startup” in the settings menu (gear icon) of the Home tab is recommended, so that the agent can be running all the time. It uses very little resources when you have no jobs in the queue, and it updates itself transparently when running.

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