My job is done rendering, but why haven’t the frames been delivered?

Our software delivers frames as they complete to the folder you specify when you submit a job. We don’t throttle, limit, delay, or otherwise withhold data transfer to your computer. If delivery is taking longer than you expect, it is due to your downstream Internet speed. We have never come close to the farm’s ability to upload being the data transfer bottleneck.

Our agent is automatically multi-session, which means it can move more data per unit of time than an FTP, HTTP, or other transfer protocol session. There is no out-of-band method to deliver rendered results to you, as all of those methods would take longer (and be less secure) than what our agent can already deliver.

Adjusting the power slider after all frames of your job have rendered is pointless, as the power level only controls how many CPU’s are exposed to your job while it is rendering. It does not have any relation to your download bandwidth or how quickly we send results to you. No, you can’t pay us more to have the results delivered faster. Pay your ISP more…then you’ll get your results delivered faster.

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