My job has been sitting in an Analyzing or Analysis Failed state. Why?

For render applications that we schedule an analysis pre-pass (currently Cinema 4D, Maya, and Blender), the analysis pass may be stuck requiring user intervention. The most common reason for this is your scene file wants to use a plug-in we do not support. Please refer to the support portal and search for your software or browse by render application to make sure you do not have plug-ins defined in your scene file that are not listed there.

The second most common reason is that your scene file is causing the software on our machines to display a GUI prompt that requires human interaction before it will allow progress. We’ve coded around many of these over the years, but there may still be new prompts caused by new versions of plugins, render engines, or render apps that we haven’t seen yet.

If you submitted a scene file from an agent running in MacOS, it’s possible the scene file is corrupt. The MacOS doesn’t handle file locking in its default filesystem very well. Please make sure your render application is closed prior to submitting the scene file.

If the analysis pass fails or times out, we’ve already been alerted to this situation. Humans may intervene during normal business hours if we believe the problem to be caused by our platform.


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