Modo job submission overview

It is always important to use relative pathing for any resources needed for the render that exist outside of the scene file.  These external resources should always be located in the same directory as your scene file or within a subdirectory of that directory.  Modo makes this easy by using the “Consolidate Scene” option from the File menu.  Consolidate your scene and place the scene and all gathered assets in their own folder.  Choose the scene file in that folder when submitting a job using our software.

As of this publishing, we do not yet support additional output for tiled still renders.  If you want output passes like depth or others rendered for still images, you’ll need to either submit separate jobs with the appropriate passes enabled as the sole output, choose an output format that does not have an asterisk (*) by it in the job submit window, or submit the scene file as a frame range of 2 frames so we don’t tile split it on our farm.

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