Mac Agent Installation

The links to the agent application will enable you to download the agent executable to your Mac computer. Move the resultant agent (typically Pixel Plow to your Applications folder. Your OSX security settings may prohibit running applications that are not from the Apple App Store, so please allow the program to run if the next window does not display.

The most important step of the installer asks you to input your agent GUID. Please copy and paste this from the setup email you received, as it’s a rather long string of characters. If all goes well, you should see a Finder bar and Dock icon with the Pixel Plow logo as its image. The application is now running and ready for you to submit and manage render jobs. We recommend clicking the Dock icon and choosing Options / Open at Login. This will leave our application running so that uploads and downloads can happen while you use your computer for other tasks. Our application is very low overhead, so don’t worry that it will slow anything down by leaving it running.

The screenshots and videos on our site were taken using the Windows version of our agent, but the options on both platforms are the same.

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