I want multiple jobs to render at the same time. How do I do that?

There are no special steps required to run multiple jobs simultaneously. Submit each job normally, and all running jobs will be displayed in the Job Status tab of the agent.

It should be noted that your jobs will all be scheduled based on their individual Power level as well as the Power level of other jobs you have running on the farm. Power level is not additive, so running two jobs simultaneously at Power level 2.5 will not have a combined compute throughput of one job at Power level 5.0. The two jobs will split the compute resources offered by Power level 2.5, and our system will automatically balance those resources between both jobs. Our system schedules resources in this way to remain fair to the Power level system. It would not be fair to allow one person to split their frame range into 10 jobs, submit them all at Power level 1, and get the combined compute throughput of a single Power level 10 job.

Keep this in mind as you submit multiple simultaneous jobs to the farm. In essence, you are competing against yourself for compute resources when running multiple jobs, with higher Power levels continuing to offer exposure of all running jobs to more compute resources. As well, if you submit many jobs at a low Power level, the total number of nodes that would be scheduled under that Power level may be fewer than the number of jobs you have submitted. In that case, the farm schedules jobs in a FIFO (first in, first out) manner.



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