How does the “Redirect Output” button work?

Output redirection gives you the ability to change where rendered results will be delivered. This is handy if the output directory you specified when you submitted the job runs out of room or is no longer available. It’s also great for scenarios where you want to submit a job from one machine, yet have the results delivered to another. Last, if the machine you submitted your job from dies in the midst of the job, another can snag the un-delivered results.

To use this feature, select your job in the queue viewer from the machine that you wish to have download the output. Then, simply choose the new output folder in the explorer/finder window that opens. All of the same output folder options are available: internal drives, external drives, mapped drives, and UNC paths. After picking the new output folder, any results that are created by that job that have not started delivery to the old machine/folder will be delivered to the new location. It’s important to understand that results that have already been delivered to the original location, or results that are being downloaded by the agent (in-flight), will not be moved/copied/redirected to the new location. Only un-touched, un-downloaded job output will be directed to the new agent/folder. Please allow a bit of time for the server-side changes needed to redirect output after making a change. It can take a minute or two for the new agent to start downloading output.

You are free to redirect the output of any job at any point of its progress. Output file handling remains the same on any and all agents that download output, with the output being purged from our system the moment your agent verifies successful extraction to your local machine.


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