How do I change my agent ID?

If you have an instance of the Pixel Plow Agent already installed on your computer, but you wish to submit jobs under a different account, you can change the ID that the agent uses. You may view the ID that is currently being used by going to the About button on the Home tab of the agent GUI. To change the ID:

  1. Click the gear icon in the upper-right corner of the agent window
  2. Click “Switch” on the Active GUID line
  3. Paste in the desired agent ID into the lowest text field
  4. Click “Check ID”
  5. Once validated, the new agent ID will be in the list of stored agent ID’s. You may name the account as you wish, and click “Restart as” for the agent to close and open using that account

Please be sure to keep track of which account you are using, as all jobs submitted and cost incurred on an account can’t be switched to a different account after submission.


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