How do I change my agent ID?

If you have an instance of the Pixel Plow Agent already installed on your computer, but you wish to submit jobs under a different account, you can change the ID that the agent uses.  You may view the ID that is currently being used by going to the About button on the Home tab of the agent GUI.  To change the ID:

  1. Shut down the agent
  2. Locate the file called “pixel plow agent.ini”
    1. On Windows, this file is in the agent install directory (c:\pixelplow by default)
    2. On MacOS, this file is in the agent Library directory (eg. /users/johndoe/Library/PixelPlowAgent/)
  3. Open the .ini file and change the “AgentGUID” line to reflect the ID you wish to use
  4. Close and save the .ini file
  5. Restart the agent
  6. Verify the correct ID is being used by looking at the About menu option

You must insure you have no jobs in the queue when you change agent identifiers, or those results will be stranded until you change the agent identifier back to the original ID.

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