Do you offer free test renders?

No. Unlike our competition, who uses many gimmicks and marketing tricks to snare you into their service, our pricing is straightforward and fundamentally low. We only charge for the exact amount of compute time used by each job individually, whether it was $0.01 or $10,000, so “testing” our service is very affordable for even first-time users.

Further, there is actually no need to “test” our render farm. If anything is being tested, it is the users ability to know what their scene file needs in terms of software (see other pages in our support portal for information about that), or their ability to appropriately prepare their scene file prior to submission (see our online support portal for help with that). Our instances of 3D Studio Max, Maya, Lightwave, Modo, Blender, Terragen…are the same as what you run on your computer. An appropriately prepared scene file sent to us will deliver an exact copy of what you can render locally, again assuming we support all of the software you need for your scene.

If you are, for whatever reason, unsure that our farm has the support necessary to render your scene file, you should know that we only charge for compute time used. If there are no produced results (due to a rendering error, for example), the compute time is typically low enough to result in no monetary charge. In most cases, then, you can uncover those situations at no cost to you.

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