Staying small in all the right ways

Posted on January 5, 2016 in Blog News

First of all, Happy New Year! We are glad you are our client.

If you, like us, peruse the render farm service industry, you’ll probably notice a common theme. Pretty much everyone talks about how “big” they are. They’re quick to provide the most favorable statistics in order to, hopefully, amaze you into signing up. It’s as if the only thing they care about is how many CPU’s/Cores/Ghz/Terraflops/Superduperflipflops they have, and that supposedly makes for the best render farm. If you have used some of the other guys, you may have already realized that perspective doesn’t actually get anyone very far.

That’s why Pixel Plow is different, in a good way. We are constantly improving our software workflow to make it more automated, easier to use, quicker to understand, and faster to deliver results. We continue pushing the bounds of what the Internet can deliver as regards throughput of data transfered between peers on opposite sides of the globe. We continue our efforts to natively parse or in-app prepare scene files so that there’s less you have to do when submitting jobs. Our User Guide is updated constantly, as features are released. The queue viewer, status emails, and even invoices are improving with more information as well. Most of these improvements are customer-driven, so keep sending in those requests.

We can do this because we are, from a human resource perspective anyway, a small operation. That keeps us nimble, light, agile, and ready to adapt as you bring us new problems. It also keeps us extremely efficient from a financial perspective. This efficiency affords us the ability to offer industry-leading low prices to you. In turn, this makes the most revenue available to us to put toward hardware and facilities expansion. We don’t have to have a large support staff because our infrastructure is more reliable, more informative, and more automatically capable. So you see, being small in the right ways gives us the abilities to be big for the right reasons.

Render Endlessly!

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