Potentially breaking Redshift update coming

Posted on July 29, 2021 in Blog News

While we certainly prefer to entirely avoid backwards incompatibilities when rolling out software updates, that simply isn’t possible at times. Such is the case with Redshift builds 3.0.46 and later. A couple changes to Redshift can cause a difference in visual output if your scene was created with builds prior to that, but opened and rendered in 3.0.46 or later. Our current plan is to roll out 3.0.50 next week, so we’re warning you in advance of this change. It is our understanding that any scene file created with 3.0.46 or later will not have problems with 3.0.50. Please keep this in mind in the near future if you are planning on any Redshift jobs. In other words, when we update, you’ll want to update as well if you want the output rendered here to match what you render on your local machine.

As always, we recommend you use the exact same version of software to build your scenes as what we have deployed. We can’t be aware of any of the backwards incompatibilities of newer software builds unless they are published by the software vendors. Thanks to the Redshift team for publishing the incompatibilities mentioned above so we can all avoid potential problems.

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