New beta agent with updated Houdini, Maya, and Max builds

Posted on April 17, 2020 in Blog News

Just approved today is beta agent 3.55 for both Windows and Mac, with support for a few new render app versions. Specifically, the newly-supported versions are:

  • Houdini 18.0
  • Maya 2020
  • 3dsmax 2020
  • 3dsmax 2021

Most of them have the typical compliment of render engines installed in them. Be sure to check out the deployed versions pages for each app to see specifically what is available to each. Updating to the beta agent should be pretty easy. Simply click the text in the news column on the left side of the Home tab of the agent. The agent will download the beta build, extract it, and re-launch itself. The new render app versions will be available on the Submit Job page. You can look at the About window of the agent to verify which version you’re running.

As with any new major version render app rollout, there may be unexpected issues that need to be solved. Hence, we’re treating this agent as a beta. It’s a beta not because the agent code is new, but because all the new major versions of the render apps accessible to it are new. You should continue to submit small/short tests to verify your intended results prior to uploading your life’s work to the farm.

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