Maxwell and agent updates

Posted on May 8, 2017 in Blog News

Maxwell 4 has been rolled out to our farm, and should be accessible via agent versions 2.60 and up. Features and requirements are similar to Maxwell 3, from an operational perspective.

Our agent has undergone some under-the-hood work, thanks to SuperDev. We’ve switched programming language versions internally, which has a few advantages. The greatest advantage seems to be full Unicode handling throughout. The previous language version was not Unicode throughout, so file name and path handling was…ahem…kludgey, at best. We’ve migrated all of our farm-side services to the new language version as well, to carry all the new features throughout the pipeline. Windows users should already be running the new code, but Mac users will have to download the update and move it to their Applications folder. We believe we have solved a couple ugly bugs with the Mac agent as well, so we recommend the update.

Stay tuned for more agent updates now that Son of SuperDev is on the case.

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