Windows agent common installation problems


These topics generally only applied to our Windows agent when it used an installer.  We’re leaving this page in our kbase for historical reasons.

We were unable to determine the installed directory

You may have multiple instances of installer.exe running. Make sure you kill off all instances and launch only one. You may also already have an agent installed and running, but you launched the installer again. In that case, troubleshoot the existing agent installation. Don’t try to re-run the installer unless instructed to do so by support. Even then, follow the directions provided at that time. Last, due to security settings on your machine, you may have to launch the installer with “Run as administrator” from the options menu when you right-click the executable.

Agent ID – not able to verify your account

The agent is installed and functioning, but you have a firewall between it and our farm that is preventing it from contacting us. Please add exceptions to your firewall to allow the agent application to communicate outbound. No inbound port mapping is required. Also, you may have mis-typed the agent ID into the window during the installation. Make sure you copy and paste only the string of characters in the welcome email with no spaces or line returns.

Systray icon not showing up

If the agent icon is not displaying in your System Tray, but the Pixel Plow Agent.exe process is running in Task Manager, you may need to run the agent executable as administrator. As well, make sure the agent install directory is excluded from anti-virus and anti-malware real-time scanning, as they can prevent some normal agent operations and make all agent operations vastly slower.

The application was unable to start correctly 0xc000007b

This is caused by the wrong build of Visual C++ 2010 Redistributable being installed on your system, or, more correctly, the lack of the needed build being installed. You may have the x64 build installed, but the agent requires the 32bit (x86) build to be installed. We’ve included the version of the C++ redistributable with the agent files that you may install to eliminate this problem.

Missing msvcr100.dll

The agent uses the 32bit build (x86) of the Microsoft Visual C++ 2010 Redistributable. If that is not installed, you will receive this message each time the agent is launched. We’ve included the version of the C++ redistributable with the agent files that you may install to eliminate this problem.
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