Project Cache Overview

Attention: Project Caches have been discontinued with the release of agent version 3.x.  The Corral functionality in 3.x agents is fully-automated, on by default, and far simpler to use than Project Caches.  We are keeping this page for historical reasons.


Below is the most recent video overview discussing how to use Project Caches on Pixel Plow.  The text below the video may be more up to date with current options and features.

The purpose of project caches is to give you the ability to upload a single, large set of data that would be used by either the same scene file across multiple job submissions or multiple scene files.  All of the rules regarding scene files, relative pathing, and proper location of external assets still apply.  Opening the Project Caches window displays any and all caches you’ve uploaded, allows you to add (upload) new caches, and remove caches from our system.  Similar to submitting a job, adding a Project Cache will prompt you for a folder to upload.  This folder must be the folder that contains your scene file along with the current set of prepared external assets.  Cache upload progress will be displayed in the queue viewer.

When you submit a scene file that resides in an active Project Cache folder, our agent compares the files on your local path with those on our farm.  Any and all new and changed files will be compressed and uploaded along with the scene file you are submitting.  The portion being uploaded and the amount already cached on our end will be displayed in the job submit window.  This is useful when you expect to submit the same scene file several times during the testing phase or if you have a few scene files that all use a common set of external assets.  Only the changed bits will upload, which will bring our copy of the cache up to date with the data available on your machine.  Every subsequent submission of a job from within a project cache folder will only upload the files that are detected as new or different on your machine.

Please allow time for the extraction of the Project Cache after the upload process completes.  If you attempt to submit a job prior to the extraction completing, there will be no farm-side data to compare against, so there will be no size or bandwidth savings.  In general, you should allow as much time to extract as it took to compress on your machine.

Project Caches are held indefinitely, provided they are utilized at least once every 30 days.  The space consumed is displayed in the Project Cache window, and is charged daily at the rate displayed on our pricing page.  If you no longer have need of a Project Cache, please select it and Remove it.  Removed caches will not be charged from the point of removal on.  Project Caches left untouched for 30 days may be subject to automatic removal.

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