LuxRender job submission overview

Support for LuxRender scene files (.lxs) exists on our farm for both still image and animation renders.  In order to submit a LuxRender job, you must have at least one of the three halt parameters defined in the scene file (haltspp, halttime, or haltthreshold).  If you try to submit a scene file without one of the three parameters, our agent will advise you accordingly and disallow submission.  We use the halt parameters to determine how to split up rendering your scene across multiple CPU’s on our farm.  It should be noted that we do not, currently, support GPU rendering on our farm.  Plan accordingly.

When selecting a LuxRender job, choose your .lxs file when prompted during the Submit Job process.  If you are rendering an animation, bulk select all of your numbered .lxs files.  We will display a checkbox to “Download final .flm” if you are rendering from only one scene file (ie. a single frame, not an animation).  If checked, we will deliver the merged .flm file that was used to create your final image(s) in addition to delivering the final images themselves.  This is useful if you wish to resume rendering from where we stopped, or if you wish to apply other image processing in the LuxRender application on your computer.  We will always deliver the final image files in the output formats you have chosen in your scene file.

Due to the way LuxRender works, we are able to deliver the results created up to the point when a job budget is reached if the job is a single frame.  If you submit a single frame LuxRender job with a budget defined, we will automatically deliver the results rendered if the job reaches its budget limit.  Jobs submitted with a budget must still contain a halt parameter.  Single frame jobs that are manually cancelled will not have any results delivered.


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